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The Reason

“Everything happens for a reason”,
Or so I’ve been told.
But maybe this world has long since been abandoned,
Because it has always felt cold.

What is reprieve from this void,
Except for a glaring lie?
Luring me like a siren,
Only to leave me to die.

Promises are never promises,
Only vows that are never kept.
Hope is but a burden;
A slow death as the sunlight still wept.

One by one they all do the same,
And I know it will remain that way.
This is why the choice has been made,
And I will try not to sway.

“Everything happens for a reason”,
Or so I used to believe.
But maybe there is no one else holding the knife,
And I just used to be naive.

Written by: CJ Embers


Every day is a battle
That only I can see
‘Normal’ makes my heart rattle
And smothers the real me

Existence often becomes a question of why
For who would want to live like this
Maybe it would be easier to say goodbye
Instead of living with this deadly kiss

Put on a mask
Don’t let them know
Lest they ask
And become a foe

Fear begets fear
Yet the silence is so loud
Everything is unclear
And I am never proud

Then came the bomb
When everything was broken
Yet my mind remained calm
Like courage quietly spoken

Will it shatter with one wrong move
Or have I actually begun to improve
Am I simply a coward who’s teetering on the brink
Or is it possible I am stronger than I think?

Written by: CJ Embers

Our Fight

How do we succeed when the Earth is on its knees? War, famine, pestilence, and death. It’s all caused by greed.

Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. Sometimes it feels like we’re just along for the ride.

When do we say enough is enough? When do we pick up our swords and start being tough?

It’s time to say, “This ends now.” Never again back out and bow.

This is our home. We deserve what’s right. If it’s the only way, we will stand up and fight.

Written by: CJ Embers