Words Unspoken

I wish, I wish, upon this star,
That time will heal this deep, ugly scar.
What is life but unending rain?
It’s the embodiment of all this pain.

I reap what I sow, reap what I sow,
But still I feel so damn low.
The one thing that I want…
It serves only to hurt and taunt.

Why must I be haunted by such trauma,
Pausing my life like a painful comma?
It’s nothing but a gun pressed under my chin;
Robbing me of joy like a deadly, deadly sin.

It is akin to a stagnant rot.
Nothing like this can ever be taught.
All I can do is try to endure,
And hope there will one day be a cure.

A big part of me had to die,
When made clear was the biggest lie.
Will my mind ever be unbroken?
Or will these words remain unspoken?

Written by: CJ Embers

2 thoughts on “Words Unspoken”

  1. Your words are so powerful. I love reading your poetry and experience what you write. You are an amazing writer. Keep your head up and stay strong.

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