Our old life as the Marauders is no more.

But this could be our chance.

To purge the earth of its impurities. To heal and wipe this slate clean.

Whisked away in the dead of night by a secret organization, the Marauders are given two choices: join their ranks, or decline and be released. Not ignorant to the underlying risk of freedom, the thieves accept to ensure their family remains safe.

No longer within the embrace of the ones who saved her from perdition, Echo struggles with her new life under Shard’s watchful eye. The rules and the lack of freedom she once had splits open healing wounds, putting a strain on the progress she had made to overcome her recent past.

However, regardless of what bares its fangs in the dark, there is one thing that gives Echo solace amidst the building storm— her family. The Marauders vowed to give their newest member the vengeance she is owed, and they will see to it that the debt will be paid.

Yet could it really be that easy…?

* * *

Paperback and eBook
Pages: 365
Genre(s): Urban fantasy (Dark NA), crime, romance
Audience: Older teens and up
Prices: $15 USD (PB)* / $6 USD (EB)

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Canadian fantasy author