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How the Third Edition of Dragons’ Myth is Different

Since I had already written most of this out before my hiatus, I figured I’d post it. So…

The new edition of Dragons’ Myth is officially published (paperback. EBook coming July 1st), and that means I can explain the changes. This will have spoilers, so only read if you have read the previous edition or when you’ve finished the new edition. Or if you’re a weirdo who likes spoilers, you do you. Continue reading How the Third Edition of Dragons’ Myth is Different

New Edition of Dragons’ Myth Postponed

Okay folks. It’s been decided. I’ve postponed the publication date for the new edition of Dragons’ Myth by one month. It will now come out on July 1st instead of June 1st.

When I first chose the publication date, I had a bunch of free time, but shortly after, my fiance and I ended up getting a house. So, I’ve been super busy and tired and I simply wouldn’t have been able to get the book ready in time.

I want to make sure it’s perfect upon publication and I couldn’t have done that in less than a week (since I would’ve needed to upload the final files by the 28th).

So, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience to those who were looking forward to its publication being soon, but it’s in the best interest of this new edition!

Dragons’ Myth New Edition Now Available for Pre-Order

I’m excited to announce that the new edition of Dragons’ Myth is now available for pre-order! Pre-ordered copies will automatically be pushed to buyers’ devices on June 1st, 2020! This is only for the eBook version, and the paperback version will be published around the same time.

You can get it HERE for a special pre-order price of only $1 USD! If you’re in the States or a different country, simply change the “.ca” to what your Amazon marketplace is (e.g. – “.com” or “”). The price will increase upon its publication on June 1st.

Continue reading Dragons’ Myth New Edition Now Available for Pre-Order

Bookmarks Have Arrived

As the title says, the bookmarks that I’d ordered have arrived! They look amazing! They’re much better quality than I was expecting, which makes me very happy. I figured they’d basically just be a piece of paper with ink and gloss, but they actually have a thickness and sturdiness to them which is great.

The bookmarks will be sold for $2 each, and at the moment will only be available through delivery (if you’re close enough) or pick up because I still need to figure out how to set up a little store here. That being said, this first batch is already spoken for! I’ll be ordering more this weekend, and they should be here in 1 – 2 weeks. I’ll be making a new page for merch in that time, so keep an eye out there to see when they will be back in stock.

Ciao for now!

Dragons’ Myth eBook Now Available!

At long last, an eBook version of Dragons’ Myth is now available! You can find it on the Kindle Store, for the really low price of only $1 USD! Even better? If you’re signed up with Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free! So check it out, read it if you so desire, and if you liked it, a positive review is always appreciated. The Kindle Store app is available on both Android and iOS. Continue reading Dragons’ Myth eBook Now Available!

The Sequel is Almost Done!

In a previous post I mentioned, I said I wouldn’t make any more updates about the sequel unless it was to say it’s for sale, but it’s been a few months since my latest update so I figured I’d let you all know that I’m still working on it (in case anyone was wondering!).

Lately, my main issue has been formatting the interior. I’ve been staying up until around 3am a lot lately trying to get issues figured out, and it has been quite frustrating. That being said, everything is basically good to go now. I went through the proof and made all the changes I wanted/needed to, and now I’m just waiting for the updated files to be approved through the review process.

I’ll be ordering a new proof just due to wanting to make sure everything is perfect before launch, which will take around a week or two from today. I don’t really want to, because at this point I just want it published already, but I think it would be silly not to. I won’t be reading through this one, though; I’m mainly interested in seeing the cover… But now that I’m writing this, I’m actually considering just going with seeing it through the digital proof instead to save that time (and money), in which case I could get it published within a few days from today.

Either way, I will of course post an update when it’s (finally!) published and ready to buy!

Delays and Other News

It’s now nearly the end of February, and I’m sad to say that the Dragons’ Myth sequel is still not up for sale. I know I said in my last update that I wouldn’t post another until it’s for sale, but that was two, going on three months ago, and I was expecting things to move at a proper pace. Unfortunately, my editing partner is not making editing one of his priorities. I’ve decided that if he is not done by the end of February, I will move on and figure something else out, because I wanted this book done three to four months ago already. Continue reading Delays and Other News