The Other Shoe – AE

“Follow my lead,
I’ll tell you what to do.
You’re not a burden;
I’m the same as you.”

You make me feel heard;
Comfortable and safe.
Is this what it’s like,
To finally have faith?

“Come to me,
And rest under my wing.
You are safe here;
Let Sanctuary’s bell ring.”

Pain does not exist here,
And I’ve learned to trust you.
My doubts are now gone;
It’s not too good to be true.

“Why do you act like this?
Don’t you know this is wrong?
You are far too much,
And you just don’t belong.”

No, this is just coming from my damaged heart,
And that is not what he said…
I have faith in his words,
So get these thoughts out of my head.

“You are beautiful and worthy,
So pay no heed to the pain of your past.
This is not a lie, I promise you that:
You and I, together we will last.”

Your love for me is a beacon
A lighthouse guiding me from the dark.
At long last, the scars are fading,
And this instead will leave its mark.

“Follow my lead,
Because I won’t fault you.
This is not your past,
And I’ll never drop the other shoe.”

Written by: CJ Embers

This alternate ending is in honour of my best friend,
who is helping heal the pain I thought would always
be with me. Thank you <3

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