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No More Works in Progress

Despite wanting to publish a minimum of two books per year and eventually work my way up to more than that, at this point in time it will only be possible to do one, if that. Because professionally-done covers are in my books’ (and every book’s) best interest, I cannot afford more than one per year. This will hopefully change in the future, when my books become more well-known and actually start selling half-decently. Because of this, I won’t be providing any more estimated publication dates until I can regularly afford covers.

If you enjoy my books and would like to support the making of new ones, the biggest ways you can help are by buying copies and especially leaving verified reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

Update: I realized the title could be misleading. It’s not referring to there literally being no more WIPs, but to the “Works in Progress” page I had under the “Novels” tab. There are certainly many WIPs going on right now and many books planned for the future, I just won’t be able to publish them very fast. If you’re interested in supporting the creation of my books, here is another way you can help: