The Ascension Trial – Available Now!

The patriarchy stole everything from me. My freedoms. My choice. My life…

Under the rule of the Tehji, a group of misogynistic rulers, a woman’s life has been stripped to its core, leaving only two choices: contribute by bearing children, or be shunned.

When the time comes for Kena to choose, she opts for the most logical choice, resulting in a punishment worse than being shunned… but now with a powerful force on her side.

Too stubborn to accept the fate the Tehji have given her, Kena vows to do the only thing that will give her freedoms back— demolish the patriarchy and end the Tehji’s reign.

At long last, The Ascension Trial is finally out in the world! I’m so excited. This book is frickin’ awesome, the cover is awesome, you-know-who is awesome, ugh. And to think, all of that awesomeness came from a dream. Like literally, what ended up being a 2000-word scene from a dream turned into this masterpiece (a not-so-humblebrag, there).

It’s available in both paperback and Kindle eBook format. Paperback actually came out like on June 28th or something but I didn’t see a point in posting about it when eBook wasn’t ready yet.

You have no idea how badly I want this book turned into a movie. I keep imagining how the movie trailer would look, and drool.

Anyway, I know I’m getting wayyyy ahead of myself since I will probably sell like two copies lmao but that’s okay. I love it and that’s what matters.

Now for a short break, then onto the next book!

Can’t believe I have FIVE published books now!


Happy reading, peeps.

P.S. – It was published on July 1st and I forgot to copy the post here lol. I’m way more active blog-wise on my BMAC page now.

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