How the Third Edition of Dragons’ Myth is Different

The new edition of Dragons’ Myth is officially published (paperback. EBook coming July 1st), and that means I can explain the changes. This will have spoilers, so only read if you have read the previous edition or when you’ve finished the new edition. Or if you’re a weirdo who likes spoilers, you do you.

I removed all the cat shapeshifting parts.
This was a really big part of the book. One problem I had when originally writing this book at age 16, was that I for some reason wanted to fit in as many cool things as possible. The problem was that it didn’t make sense to have a feline (or any (besides dragon)) shapeshifting ability when they’re dragons.

I removed staying for days in the warehouse during the outbreak.
Again, another decent chunk of the book. I removed this because I realized something: all the vehicles obviously still work. They wouldn’t just stake out for days when they could all just get in their vehicles and leave. I didn’t fully remove the virus scenes, but I reworded the remaining parts into something that actually makes sense.

I added to Darien and Aura’s relationship.
One thing I did was flesh out Darien and Aura’s relationship more. I noticed while reading through it that it was basically like she mentions her crush, then nothing comes of it and there are barely any Darien scenes, then later he appears again and oh look, feelings again. It didn’t make sense. So I fleshed that out. Honestly I kind of started shipping her and Darien when all was said and done. I felt bad for Khodi lol.

No instant love.
Related to the above, Khodi and Aura didn’t have “instant love” like it felt like originally. I found that unrealistic. With the fleshed out feelings for Darien, it took a while for Aura to warm up to Khodi.

The ending was also rewritten. I found it way too… streamlined. They have no idea where to find the talisman and yet find it within the same day they start looking for it. Unrealistic. So I reworded it so it makes more sense.

So that all added up to basically 38k words being removed, equaling to 84 pages removed. Reading through the book now, I can honestly say I’m finally proud of it. So, that’s cool.

If you’ve read the previous edition, I definitely think there’s enough changes to warrant reading this one. As mentioned, it’s now available in paperback and eBook is coming on July 1st. It’ll be available through Kindle Unlimited as well. Up until July 1st, it will have a special eBook pre-order price of only $1 USD. Don’t have a Kindle? No problem! Both Android and iOS have a Kindle app you can use to read eBooks.

I’m NOT doing another edition. This is the third and I’m so done lol. If you read it, I hope you enjoy.

Happy reading.

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