The Third Time’s The Charm

Back when I published Dragons’ Myth, it was when CreateSpace was still a thing, and I chose the free ISBN option. Using the free ISBN meant that particular ISBN would be exclusive to CreateSpace. Therefore, I wouldn’t be able to take that file with that ISBN and go print my book elsewhere. That still applies now that CreateSpace merged with KDP.

I’ve always planned to make a new edition of Dragons’ Myth so that I could use my own ISBN with it and not be restricted to just KDP.

Therefore, I will be making a third edition of Dragons’ Myth. With that in mind, here’s the second half of the news.

It coincides with something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

I’ve never been happy with Dragons’ Myth. I feel like it’s amateurish, and I constantly feel like it could be better. This is despite only getting positive feedback thus far. This could be caused by the Artists’ Curse (where artists are never happy with their own work) however, I’m perfectly fine with Renascence and Emergent. Therefore, I have to assume it’s not because of the Curse, and that it’s actually because it’s not good enough.

To back up that point, a month or two ago I got a surge of sales for Dragons’ Myth, then sales dropped off the map and it’s like a ghost town now. I feel like if Dragons’ Myth was good, there should have been sales of the second. Because there wasn’t, I have this feeling that Dragons’ Myth is dragging me down. If people read Dragons’ Myth first and think it sucks, they won’t give any of my other books a chance even though they’re better.

Again to back up the point, the many people who have read the book but not given feedback far outweigh the few who have given positive feedback. This could be because most people just simply don’t give feedback, but there’s also a chance that they just didn’t like the book.

So, because I will be publishing a third edition to have a controllable ISBN, it will also give me a chance to rewrite the book.

The plot and cover will stay the same, however, there will be a lot of sentence restructuring.

If you’ve already bought the eBook, it should be possible for me to request for KDP to push the new editions to your device. Please note it’s possible they may decline, but if that’s the case, the eBook will still be very cheap.

I do apologize for continuously putting out new editions of Dragons’ Myth, but I know if I don’t give it another rewrite, I’ll always be worried that it could be better. And I owe it to myself as a writer to write it well enough that I don’t have to worry about it.

This third edition should be the last. I will make it into something I’m proud of.

Ciao for now.



I did some searching and asking around about a certain question I had, and it seems like not only will I not be able to get the new edition of the eBook pushed to the device of those who have already bought it, but that I should make an entirely new listing for it as well because previous buyers won’t be able to re-buy the new edition if it’s the same listing. Not sure why, but apparently that’s just the way it is.

Not a big deal either way, but just wanted to let people know.

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  1. So happy that as an artist you are doing things for urself and for ur audience. Although I love Dragons Myth and very happy with it I am proud of you for putting everything you have into what you love.

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