Shadow’s Embrace

Safety is in shadow’s embrace
To hide from scarring past
That not a one helps to face
Body, soul, and mind in rigid cast

Sorrow consumes
Light’s fire dies
Suffocating tombs
Darkness rise

Flickering dark flames
Protectors from light’s ray
Ripping memories wanting spirits to blame
But never to see the light of day

Forever hiding
Shameful thoughts
Never confiding
Sickening knots

Silence is a costly burden
Binding me in smoldering chains
So I turn instead to the pen
Being free is patience’s vain

Embers spark
Shadows cower
Withering dark
Light’s power

Sunlight shattering through
End of darkness beginning
Words about to strike a hue
Though it feels like sinning

Battles rage
Sword on sword
Heart’s cage
Help me Lord

Darkness wages fiery war
Keeping sunlight at bay
Heart is what has been torn
Becoming unsure of the way

Shadows spark
Sun cower
Withering light
Dark’s power

Silence is not free
Darkness shoves back the light
A world full of greed
So hard to do what’s right

Fire rains
Light’s pain
Dark bane
Shadow reigns

Darkness claims final victory
This is failure’s face
Now this is me
Forever in shadow’s embrace

Written by: CJ Embers

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