My First Amazon Review!

I’ve been writing actively for three -ish years (although I published my debut way back in 2012), and honestly… I constantly had doubts. Constantly. With sales being basically non-existent, zero reviews, and having no social circle to help get the word out about my books, there was always a nagging thought in my head that I’m just a bad writer.

Well, I’m beyond excited to announce that yesterday, I noticed my very first review on Amazon! Not only is it a verified review, but it’s also five stars, descriptive, and well-written. I couldn’t have asked for a better first review. I’m completely stoked.

I would always get affirmation from (certain) family members (only one, really), but really, that’s family; of course they’d be more inclined to say nice things and not hurt your feelings. So to get a glowing review from a complete stranger, it’s absolutely amazing and it casts away the doubt that I had about being a bad writer.

I completely understand that it’s one person’s opinion among billions, but I think people really underestimate the effect their words or actions have on indie artists. So yeah, sure, it’s one opinion among the world, but as someone who struggled and thought of giving up so many times because of no one caring, that one review has made my entire year and fueled my desire to keep writing.

When I noticed it, I literally started crying. The sheer shock, amazement, happiness, and relief, just slamming into me. I felt a bit silly for such a reaction, but come on; I’d been writing actively for three years without proper affirmation. I’d ask people for feedback and not get any. Someone snarked at me and admitted they didn’t want to support me because of how I acted when I wrote my first book at 16 (I was super excited and inexperienced, so I thought I was a really good writer back then (*facepalm*)). Then I heard through the grapevine that someone really enjoyed my latest book and would contact me with their review since they weren’t able to leave one on Amazon (probably due to that $50 minimum thing), and then they didn’t and I just wanted to scream into the void!

I hope by admitting all that, that people will take a moment to reflect next time they think about passing up on supporting an artist.

I’m not telling you what to do with your money. No, not at all. What I’m saying is that if you like something… show your support. It doesn’t have to be monetary. A review, a shared post, a comment on their blog, an email. If you enjoy art, show your support to those who make that art, no matter how small.

Anyway, that kind of turned away from an excited announcement, so here’s the review!

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