Locked Away

I was standing on a cliff high up in the sky
Deciding on whether or not to take the leap
My heart hurt and I kept asking myself why
Life was not something I wanted to keep

I braced myself for the end
Because it was probably better this way
I was tired of always being on the mend
Today would definitely be the day

I was in a race against time
My life was made up of lie after lie
And staying alive felt like a crime
So maybe it was time to say goodbye

The betrayal kept cutting through me
I didn’t think it would hurt so bad
This would set me free
And that was something I never had

Then I stepped back from the edge
Hearing a voice in my head
Leading me away from the ledge
Home is where it led

Nothing ever changed though
I remember that day
Wishing I hadn’t said no
I wanted something to say

Now I have permanent scars
It feels like I’m in a prison
I can’t get through these metal bars
No hope for me has risen

I wonder if it will ever change
All I need is a single goal
But it’s like I can never get in range
And I have damaged my soul

I now wait in silence
Waiting for something great
Always loitering on the fence
Hoping for a change of fate

I’m always locked away
But I’m just trying to cope
Trying not to fray
Though I always try to have hope

Written by: CJ Embers

2 thoughts on “Locked Away”

    1. Thanks! This was actually written many years ago. But yeah, I wrote it when I was going through a hard time.

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