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Bookmarks Have Arrived

As the title says, the bookmarks that I’d ordered have arrived! They look amazing! They’re much better quality than I was expecting, which makes me very happy. I figured they’d basically just be a piece of paper with ink and gloss, but they actually have a thickness and sturdiness to them which is great.

The bookmarks will be sold for $2 each, and at the moment will only be available through delivery (if you’re close enough) or pick up because I still need to figure out how to set up a little store here. That being said, this first batch is already spoken for! I’ll be ordering more this weekend, and they should be here in 1 – 2 weeks. I’ll be making a new page for merch in that time, so keep an eye out there to see when they will be back in stock.

Ciao for now!

Now on Twitter and Instagram

To those who have been here since near the beginning, you’ll remember when I said goodbye to Instagram and Twitter. Well, I decided to reopen my accounts. I will be adding proper buttons where the Facebook one also is, but for now:

Instagram: cjembers

I’ll be mainly posting cute pictures of my cats and farm animals on Instagram, as well as nature photos, so if you like that kind of thing, follow me there.

Twitter: authorcjembers

I don’t think I’ll be using Twitter much so feel free to follow, but Facebook is still better for author-related stuff, with my site here being the best.

That’s all at the moment. Ciao for now!

Book Company Is Merging

The company I use to publish my books is merging with another. My books have already been transferred and all seems well, but please let me know if you encounter any issues on your end. This can include book availability, formatting/printing issues (cover or interior), etc..  I will be keeping an eye on it, but if you notice anything that seems off, please contact me and I will look into it. Thank you!