Works in Progress

Here are a list of my works in progress, the books which will come out in the next year or so. This list will be updated as I write and publish. When a book on the list is done, it will receive its own page.

**28/10/2020 – Update: Despite wanting to publish a minimum of two books per year and eventually work my way up to more than that, at this point in time it will only be possible to do one, if that. Because professionally-done covers are in my books’ (and every book’s) best interest, I cannot afford more than one per year. This will hopefully change in the future, when my books become more well-known and actually start selling half-decently. Because of this, Blight won’t be coming out this year and I won’t be providing any more estimated publication dates until I can regularly afford covers.

If you enjoy my books and would like to support the making of new ones, the biggest ways you can help are by buying copies and especially leaving verified reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. You can also like/share/comment on posts, follow on social media, and tell others about my books.**

Blight (working title)
Category: Adult
Est. Publication: 2020

Azure (working title)
Category: YA
Est. Pub.: 2020 – 2021

Alaryia (DM #3)
Category: YA
Est. Pub.: 2021

Canadian fantasy author

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