The View From the Other Side

Hello there, person who always reads my posts but doesn’t like, comment, or share. There are quite a few of you, in fact, so let’s all join around the table for this post, okay? Here we go…

“People never change” is something I have heard a lot, and I’m sure you have, too.

It always upsets me when people say that, and when social media goes on a crusade “cancelling” someone who did wrong years and years ago (although, to be fair, it depends on the severity of the wrongdoings). I truly would not be surprised, that should I ever become well-known, someone will find out the person I used to be and will whip out the pitchforks and torches and try to cancel me just like they do to others.

But, I am a prime example that people do change.

Around the time when I was in high school, I was hardcore anti-vax, deep into conspiracy theories, and scoffed at people following what the government said, and I was overall angry and argumentative, having no qualms with spouting angry stuff online.

Well, thank the good Lord above, I stopped being an immature idiot and realized I was not, in fact, smarter than scientists and doctors, and that the government wasn’t out to get the world.

To be fair, I don’t believe one hundred percent of everything. I still question some things, but now it’s a healthy amount. When I think about the conspiracy theories and the government boogeyman, the way I see it now is that if they are hiding something, what would I be able to do about it?

Absolutely nothing.

I do believe that one person can indeed make a difference in this world, but the government has many means at their disposal to keep things hidden if they so choose, and I’d be kidding myself if I thought my internet researches of conspiracy theories would do anything to make them change their tune.

And boy oh boy is it ever exhausting to constantly be looking into things, trying to find or always assuming there’s a hidden agenda.

It’s… weird… to have been that type of person and to have gotten mocked by family members for it, and now that I’ve finally grown out of that (thank goodness), it’s those same family members who are anti-mask, anti-science, tout essential oils and salt lamps, and cry that the shutdowns to stem the tide of the virus gO AgaiNsT OuR rIGhts aND frEEdoMs.

I pretty much have no doubt that had this virus happened a decade ago, I would’ve been anti-mask too. And I’m honestly just so glad that I grew out of it, because wow. Looking at it from the other side, it is not only cringey as heck, but also rage-inducing to think of all those people being willfully ignorant and selfish.

The view from the other side is such a strange place to be after all those years. But I’m glad I’m here and that I’m no longer that angry person.

Changing certainly isn’t easy, though. Remember when I said I was argumentative? Well, that feeling is still there more than I’d like, and it scrapes at me to respond whenever I see posts that frustrate me. It’s nearly a daily struggle to bite my tongue (or rather, my fingers). But I’m trying every day to become a better person, and I’m proud of how far I’ve come so far.

So, next time you think people can’t change, think of people like me who work at it every day to become a better person.

3 thoughts on “The View From the Other Side”

  1. It’s been nice seeing you change over the years and seeing the change in you makes me change as well. I do want to say tho, everyone is entitled to our opinions and although I don’t believe masks work and probably cause more harm then good , plus how the government shuts down non essentials but still allows us into the stores?!? Makes one wonder if the government really knows what they are doing. I have always been a type of person for cleanliness I wash my hands I use Kleenex when I have a sneeze or cough I bath every day. I do however want to say, I don’t think this is a joke. I do believe there is a virus and like I said opinions vary and we are entitled to them, but I don’t believe it’s as serious as they say. I also believe that we have been instilled a fear that is from Satan. Fear is not of God.

    People do change I believe that and I am one of them as well. On occasion I will voice my opinion on social media just to realize no one cares anyway about my opinion and usually say negative things when they think I am wrong. Which usually ends up with me deleting it.

    This has and still is a trying time for everyone. We all need to come together (not literally) and love one another pray for those who are sick and lonely. Pray for mental health and people who feel they cannot cope. I am glad you have ur writings to keep u busy. I have animals to keep me from depression.

    Keep writing, keep posting I enjoy them 🙂

    1. Thanks 🙂

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, definitely. Although I heavily disagree with opinions that masks don’t help, I don’t care if people hold that opinion as long as they still abide by the rules and wear one.

      Can you explain to me why you think masks don’t work, and why you think they do more harm than good?

      Not selling essentials helps to keep people from staying too long in the store, plus greatly lessens the amount of items they touch while they’re in there. I don’t think purely curbside pickup would work because of the high customer to worker ratio.

      I think a lot of people don’t think it’s as serious as the government says because the government hasn’t allowed it to get as serious as it could be. If you look at how Sweden did when their government decided to go about life as normal, it resulted in an astronomical amount of cases and many deaths.

      Yeah, people don’t care about my opinions either lol.

  2. My personal opinions on masks is simply I am breathing carbon Dioxide back into my system
    If I was wearing a mask for a long time would cause health issues. The masks for me has cause headaches and difficulty breathing almost a sickness to my stomach. This hasn’t just happened once this has happened every time
    I wear a mask. The minute I can take the mask off I start feeling better almost immediately. So not everyone is the same on this, I understand. I also trust God with everything when it comes to this COVID. I prayed over my family and our homes I asked God to care and protect us. I believe He will

    Whatever the case is, it’s affecting people by millions. Not only sick but depressed we didn’t even cover suicide. Let’s not forget about mental health We need prayer and to pray.

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