Dragon’s Myth (Original)

Aura Summers has been foretold of a great future. She knows she’s different, but doesn’t know why. An ancient book passed down in her family for generations has finally come to a stop at her. The Uprising is coming, slowly destroying the earth Humans have tried so hard to preserve. Millions of people will die for the truth; will it be worth it? But is Earth the planet Aura is meant to save? Another world is on the verge of collapse. The inhabitants are dying of starvation and sickness, and nature has decayed into nothing. How many deaths, how many sacrifices will take place, before peace can calm the chaos?

*   *   *

The original Dragon’s Myth was published in 2012 under an abbreviation of my name – C.J. Engbrecht – and was on the market for only a few months before it was taken down to do a major editing. Four years later, it was republished (see Dragons’ Myth page), and given a (very slightly) different name. Click the link below to view the original Dragon’s Myth page on Amazon!

Canadian fantasy author

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