What Writing Means to Me

I’ve been writing stories and poems since elementary. I think it all started when I was becoming an outcast in school. Since I had no one to talk to, writing was how I expressed my deepest feelings and emotions. It gave me a sense of importance and serenity, and that was something I couldn’t get anywhere else. Some people looked at me and all they saw was a nerdy, secluded girl. They never bothered to look past that, to get to know the real me. As I got older, things in my life got worse, and that’s when I started to write my first novel.

Every time I felt down, any time I felt the need to spill some of my feelings, I would go and write. Instead of taking my anger out on the people in my life when I was angry, I would create characters in my book and put them through the hell I was going through. It was a place I could let out my anger without any consequences. I could make my characters do what I wanted, feel the way I wanted them to. So in a way, in my out of control life, that was one thing I was in control of and it helped keep me sane. Sometimes reality for me was a nightmare, and writing became a place where I could escape that for a time. It became a place where I could almost live in the worlds I created, to be who I wanted to without anyone sitting on their high throne and judging me for who I am. All in all, writing means everything to me and I can never give it up. Writing has saved my life.

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