A Review For Zenni Optical

My experience with Zenni Optical was a roller coaster, to be honest, but it turned out great.

To start, I’m fine with reviews until there’s a bunch that just tear places or people down. Negative reviews can be helpful, sure, but one bad experience shouldn’t say something about the entire thing. I suppose the same thing could be said about positive reviews, but many people with a vendetta can make places go out of business, while positivity can’t. I personally like to give places, things, or people the benefit of the doubt – because after all, a lot of it is subjective; what one person likes, another person wouldn’t.

Zenni Optical sells glasses for way cheaper than optometrists at regular optometrist businesses do. There are numerous negative reviews for Zenni, so much it astounds me. Regardless of those, I decided to buy my new glasses through them to give them the benefit of the doubt.

One thing you have to do when ordering from sites like this is enter in your pupillary distance, which is the distance from the center of one pupil, to the center of the other. From what I’ve read, most optometrists won’t provide this for you on their own free will – you’ll have to ask for it. Apparently, this is because if you ask for it, it’s clear you won’t be getting glasses from them (which many don’t appreciate).

For me, I had never even heard of “pupillary distance”, so after choosing the glasses I wanted and putting my eyesight prescription into Zenni’s form, I saw it and had no idea what it was. After some Googling, I found out what it was and realized I would have to measure it myself or pay another $115 for another prescription from the optometrist just to get my PD. So, naturally, I was worried I would get it wrong.

When my order was processed and my glasses shipped, the tracking information was completely messed up throughout the shipping process, which prompted me to contact the shipping company as well as Zenni early on. The shipping company said the package was still en route and that there was just a mix-up with the tracking information (it happens, so it wasn’t a big deal), and Zenni said to check with the shipping company and to contact them (Zenni) again if I still could not find the package.

I decided to wait to see what would happen before contacting anyone else. The tracking information showed the package came to my area, then eventually showed it going back to the province it started at. Eventually, my glasses returned to the shipping facility they started at.

When I found that out, I do admit I was regretting going with Zenni, especially since they only refund 50% of the order if you request a refund, which would have been a pain because I couldn’t afford to pay for something I wouldn’t receive. I’ve ordered online before, and have never had a problem – so why would they? I contacted them again, and they not only reshipped them, but they also refunded my shipping cost. The refund, while awesome, was completely unexpected and unrequested, and I thank Zenni for taking the initiative to do something like that.

When my glasses finally came in the mail, I found out why (or I’m 99% positive, anyway) they were returned to the shipping facility the first time around. The shipping information was wrong. It had the name on my account, and didn’t include the business name where I wanted them shipped. So in other words, they didn’t use the shipping information I provided.

I get packages shipped to my boyfriend’s work under his name (because I don’t work there). So, what I think happened was, the first time, the glasses did ship, but because Zenni used my name, no one at my boyfriend’s work knew whose package it was. So when no one claimed it, they sent it back (and I couldn’t tell my boyfriend the glasses arrived because the tracking information was messed up and didn’t tell me they were delivered until an entire week after when I think they were delivered the first time).

Luckily, the second time around, the tracking information was proper, and I therefore was able to tell my boyfriend to ask about a package at his work.

I was confused as to why Zenni would ask for shipping information, and then not actually use it, so I emailed them again explaining the situation and asking why. They ended up actually telling me from now on that they would use the shipping information provided! That surprised me, because I’ve never done anything which caused a company to change how they work. Until I actually order another pair, I won’t know if they have actually changed that, but if they have, that will not only be what is logical (because why ask for shipping information if you’re not actually going to use it), but it will also be helpful for people like me who create their account under their own name but get things shipped to someone else.

When I tried on my glasses, they were (and still are!) perfect. I thankfully did indeed measure my PD correctly, so everything is crystal clear. They came with/in a hard plastic case and a cleaning cloth, and the glasses were wrapped up with cleaning cloth, which I found to be nice touch, as it provided an extra layer of protection during shipping.

All in all, I’m very happy I went with Zenni, and will definitely buy from them again. The glasses are perfect (and cheap!), they took the initiative to refund my shipping when it was messed up, and they actually changed their ordering/shipping procedures.

As with everything, buy at your own risk, but don’t let bad reviews stop you – you could lose out on great items if you do!

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