Projected Projects for 2019

With Renascence finally out, I’m on to the next things on my list for 2019. The problem is that I have four things I want to do!

  1. Make Dragons’ Myth into an eBook
  2. Make Renascence into an eBook
  3. Write the third Dragons’ Myth book
  4. Write an unrelated book

I don’t know if I will be able to get all four done in 2019, but that’s what I will aim for. Converting the first two books of the Dragons’ Myth series into eBooks should take considerably less time than writing a book, simply because it’s already written and all I’d have to do is change the formatting.

Regarding writing the third book in the series and writing an unrelated one, I was unsure which one I wanted to do for a few reasons. I’m already 1/4 way done the unrelated book, so it might be quicker to do that one. However, with that one, I have fewer ideas for the plots. I know the main plot, but I need a bunch of sub-plots to keep it interesting. Also, I have no idea what to do regarding the cover, so that itself will increase the time of publication significantly.

With the third Dragons’ Myth book, despite having only one page started on it so far, I have more plot ideas and already have a cover idea that will be easy to do.

That being said, I would really like to get a non-Dragons’ Myth book out there. So based on the desire for that, and the ease of the third book, I figured I may as well aim for both. I haven’t worked on anything since getting Renascence out, but I plan to get back into it again soon so I can have at least some of those four things done next year!

I doubt I will be posting many updates, but I will of course mention when anything significant happens.

Ciao for now!

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