Dragons’ Myth New Edition Now Available for Pre-Order

I’m excited to announce that the new edition of Dragons’ Myth is now available for pre-order! Pre-ordered copies will automatically be pushed to buyers’ devices on June 1st, 2020! This is only for the eBook version, and the paperback version will be published around the same time.

You can get it HERE. If you’re in the States or a different country, simply change the “.ca” to what your Amazon marketplace is (e.g. – “.com” or “.co.uk”) Continue reading Dragons’ Myth New Edition Now Available for Pre-Order

Reasons For My Rates

Many times, upon mentioning the services I offer and their respective rates, there’s a pretty good chance it’s followed up with someone proclaiming that I should charge more, asking why I charge so low, or something along those lines. So, I’ve decided to write this so people can refer here for the answers.

First things first: I’m not a professional. So no, I’m not going to charge industry rates.

However, I have been actively writing for about four-ish years, and currently have four books under my belt (three published). Each book undergoes rigorous editing, sometimes up to five or six read-throughs, before it goes off to my beta readers. After that, I edit it some more before I send it off for publication. So, I’ve become pretty adept at catching errors. I also have become very familiar with the writing, publishing, and eBook formatting process.

Secondly, I currently have a lot of free time, so I don’t really have the mindset of “time is money”. If I was really busy, sure, that would affect what I charge.

Third, I like supporting noobs (to those quick to give the side-eye, that’s said endearingly). I know the struggles it takes to get a foot in the door. One way I can support noobs is to offer an extra set of eyes for affordable prices. For many just starting out, shelling out $1,000+ for a single service just isn’t feasible.

So, with those three things in mind, I’m perfectly fine with the rates I’ve chosen.

“But CJ,” you say. “Low prices are associated with poor quality.”

I know the difference between there, their, and they’re. Bah, what more do you want, heathen?!

Really though, I’m fine with any perceived notion that my eyeballs aren’t good at catching errors simply because of the rate associated with them. I’m not forcing anyone to use my services.

The bottom line? If you want basic writing help but don’t want to pay an arm and leg for it, I’m a good option.

My Fiverr profile can be found HERE.

Over a Thousand Days of Frustration

This post has nothing to do with my books. I’m writing this because, quite frankly, I’m irritated. Have you ever been sick with the common cold? Of course you have. The stuffy, runny nose is quite possibly the worst part. At least it only lasts for about a week on average. Now imagine dealing with that for THREE YEARS. Yeah, that’s what I have dealt with.

I have no idea why it started. All I remember

Continue reading Over a Thousand Days of Frustration

My First Amazon Review!

I’ve been writing actively for three -ish years (although I published my debut way back in 2012), and honestly… I constantly had doubts. Constantly. With sales being basically non-existent, zero reviews, and having no social circle to help get the word out about my books, there was always a nagging thought in my head that I’m just a bad writer.

Well, I’m beyond excited to announce that yesterday, I noticed my very first review on Amazon! Continue reading My First Amazon Review!

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