Giving Feedback

To anyone who has read any of my books, or to any who will in the future, please keep in mind that I’m always open to feedback, as long as it’s respectful of course! Whether you have something positive to say, or constructive criticism, I’m open to it and will happily listen.

This goes for finding any errors in my books as well, such as errors in spelling, grammar, etc.. Sometimes a few sneak past me and those helping me and make it into publication. If you come across an error, please contact me with the details, such as the book, page number, and paragraph.

I’m always looking to better my craft and getting feedback is one of the best ways to do that! Thank you in advance to any who help in either way.

Ciao for now!

The Cat Express Update

To those who don’t remember or haven’t seen it yet, I posted about The Cat Express, my first ever Android game I developed and then published back in late 2018. So, the update is, that is hasn’t been on the Play Store for a couple months! It got taken down, and I just had to do a small thing to correct it so it could go back up, and I put it off for ages due to being caught up with other stuff. Anyway, it will be back on the Play Store hopefully next weekend, and after that I will continue doing regular updates to it to make it a better game. I will post an update here once it is back up and available for download!

Ciao for now!

UPDATE: As of the end of March, the game is back up on the Play Store.

Minutes Become Days by Brian Reimer

What has happened to me?
My thoughts, so densely clouded.
My pain has gone, my heart is warm,
My sadness newly shrouded.

Vast prairie sky returned,
Azure, clear, completely.
The storm in retreat, weak and vanquished.
And I wonder, did love finally seek me?

Or am I just sleeping,
Dreaming glories yet fleeting.
How can I be worthy of such beauty?
Which Fate divined our meeting.

I wait only for her words,
I still know not her ways.
But this pain is real,
When minutes become days.

Written by: Brian Reimer, 02/12/17

Crazy Arctic Thunder by Brian Reimer

In the joy of youth I was the curious wolf
Not the kill but the thrill of the chase
With you I shared my most honest heart
With a rusted knife you profaned that place

The Boy becomes the Man who became the Daddy
It was you, Mommy who gave me that dream
When our precious girls were still too young to know
You went solo, you abandoned the team

When you broke my heart and tore my soul
And you left my mind to wonder
Did you hear the mighty scarring crack
Like a seismic wail from under
Did you feel the tremor in your bones
Like some crazy arctic thunder
Did you think at all about the darkness of
The landslide you crushed me under

With you a temple revealed
We reveled and shared sacred vows
Then a cold wind blew out the yearning flame
And we bent like snow covered boughs

I am complicit, I know my flaws
My cracks run right to the marrow
But we can’t find truth seeking vain ideals
Arctic air does not scare the Sparrow

When you broke my heart and tore my soul
And you left my mind to wonder
Did you hear the mighty scarring crack
Like a seismic wail from under
Did you feel the tremor in your bones
Like some crazy arctic thunder
Did you think at all about the darkness of
The landslide your crushed me under

Written by: Brian Reimer, February 12, 2018

Maybe Tomorrow by Brian Reimer

The years slip by like waterfalls
Memories echo in abandoned walls
I thought so hard about what I’d say
Maybe tomorrow, tell me ’bout today

How the hell did we drift apart
Betrothed in life but not in heart
We had it all or some would say
Maybe tomorrow, tell me ’bout today

I meant to call you with all my heart
Doubt crept in, rending us apart
I thought about you night and day
Some memories never fade away
And now you’re gone, I’ve lost my chance
To see you smile and share a dance
Pensive tears they get me through
Amaranthine ache since I lost you

Man we laughed, sometimes we loved
Mortal hearts strung, Puppeteers above
How vaguely life gets in the way
Maybe tomorrow, tell me ’bout today

Go and find lost hearts you love
Before they’re gone to rest above
Forgive, forget, it’s not too late
Maybe tomorrow, tell me ’bout today

Written by: Brian Reimer, January 15, 2018.

Poems Coming Soon!

Last post I wrote, I mentioned putting up other people’s poems and short stories, and there has been some interest so far which is exciting. One person has already submitted three poems, and I will be posting them shortly. It has been suggested to also do drawings, which I think is a brilliant idea!

Related to that, I want to eventually change the site up to have a proper “hub” for other people’s writings. So instead of simply posting the submissions in the “News/Blog” page with their own tag or category, to have a proper, separate section on the site; kind of like a forum.

Anyway, check out those three poems once they’re up!

Ciao for now!

Services and Entertainment

I was reading through the My Journey page last night and saw that I had a few ideas for the site around the time when I first got it up and running, which I had completely forgotten about until I read it again. The first was giving people the option to submit their poems and short stories, and I posted them under categories named as such. I stopped doing that when I republished my debut, although I’m not entirely sure why. Either way, I think I would like to start doing that again, as it would be nice to not only have some stuff to read here besides my blogs and updates, but to also give people a place to (unofficially) publish their own stuff.

The second idea was doing fun polls. I personally love polls and I’m sure there are lots of other people who do as well. I won’t be doing that one right now, but I will in the future. The third was offering editing and proofreading services. I have no idea why I never got that one going, but either way, there will be a new page set up for that. I still have to figure out rates for it, but if anyone is looking for an extra pair of eyes to look over their work, feel free to email me anyway and we can figure something out.

*Update – The Services page is up and the rates are listed! If you’re interested in getting help with your writing, check it out and send me an email if you decide to use my services.

Three Upcoming Books

Hey everyone! As the title says, I have three upcoming books! The first is the third book in the Dragons’ Myth series, titled ‘Alaryia’, and it has a rough release date of summer this year (2019). Although I would really like to put out an unrelated book due to having been working on the DM series for… going on seven years or so now I think… there is a certain timeline of events I need to follow. I can’t say much more than that about the timeline as I don’t wan’t to give anything away, but it’ll become clear in the future!

Another book, called Emergent, will be coming in 2020, again with a rough release date of around summer. This book is not part of the Dragons’ Myth series.

The last of the three, which I have yet to find a name for, will hopefully come out before Emergent (but after Alaryia), but we shall see; I think it depends on how easily the cover art comes together, as that is usually the toughest part. This book is also not part of the Dragons’ Myth series.

If you’re looking forward to these new books, keep an eye out on the News/Blog page, where I will be posting updates on their progress over the coming months and year!

As a side note, I’m still planning on putting out eBook versions of the two DM books currently published (and future books, of course). I would like to have those two done and up for sale preferably this year, but it depends on how busy I am with the three new books and life in general. I will make posts when they’re available as eBooks.

That’s all the updates at this time!

Ciao for now!

The Cat Express – New on Android!

Hi everyone! Although this is unrelated to my books, I wanted to post about it anyway because I’m quite excited about it. I recently published a small mobile endless runner game, called The Cat Express!

Although it’s very simple and basic right now, there are many updates planned to add more content, better graphics and animations, etc..  It is currently on Android  (Google Play), so if you have an Android, I would appreciate any installs, reviews, and honest feedback! It doesn’t appear to be visible to everyone on the app of Google Play currently, but it is available right here on the website version.

Thank you in advance to anyone who decides to give it a try!

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