Maybe Tomorrow by Brian Reimer

The years slip by like waterfalls
Memories echo in abandoned walls
I thought so hard about what I’d say
Maybe tomorrow, tell me ’bout today

How the hell did we drift apart
Betrothed in life but not in heart
We had it all or some would say
Maybe tomorrow, tell me ’bout today

I meant to call you with all my heart
Doubt crept in, rending us apart
I thought about you night and day
Some memories never fade away
And now you’re gone, I’ve lost my chance
To see you smile and share a dance
Pensive tears they get me through
Amaranthine ache since I lost you

Man we laughed, sometimes we loved
Mortal hearts strung, Puppeteers above
How vaguely life gets in the way
Maybe tomorrow, tell me ’bout today

Go and find lost hearts you love
Before they’re gone to rest above
Forgive, forget, it’s not too late
Maybe tomorrow, tell me ’bout today

Written by: Brian Reimer, January 15, 2018.

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