Life is NOT Short!

All over social media and the internet itself are quotes, pictures, status’, and tweets about how life is short, and how you should make the best of your life because you don’t have much time. I will be debunking that claim, and explaining the reasons why life is not short.

Life has so many opportunities to be beautiful. Unfortunately, most people believe that it’s too short, and therefore they are dampening their outlook on life and not being able to experience it to it’s full potential. Life is much shorter than it was in the Biblical years, but 80-90 years is our norm now. When I think back to when I was in elementary, I find it crazy how long ago that was. Agreed, life may seem like it’s short and speeds by, but if you even look back a year, you’d see that many things have changed in your life, and the beginning of the previous year will seem like a light-year away.

Don’t be imprisoned by the thoughts that say life is too short, because then you’ll never understand and get to experience how beautiful life really can be. Here’s some points in a few conversations I’ve had with people regarding this topic:

“It’s the fact alone that eventually we all die that is what make life short. I have no desire to die.”
I understand that people don’t have a desire to die, because hey, it would be pretty awesome to be immortal, and if we were, we would be able to experience everything the world has to offer. But if you think about it, if we didn’t die, imagine what the world would look like today. It would be extremely crowded and it would be absolute chaos. I would rather be mortal and live in a world where there’s [a good amount] of peace and space (depending where you live) than be immortal and live in a world that’s torn apart. Because the more people, the more destruction. Unfortunately, that’s just the way humans are. To say it simply, dying is just the cycle of life. It happens to us all, and instead of dwelling on the fact that it will come for you eventually, accept the fact that we are mortal, and without death, there would only be destruction.

“Life is extremely short when we look at eternity.”
(This was regarding an eternity at God’s side (or in Hell)). I agree that, compared to an eternity, life is short. Obviously. Because eternity is endless. And our life here on Earth has an end. But when people say “life is too short”, they’re not comparing it to an eternity that’s waiting on the other side. They’re saying that it is short to motivate people to live their life to it’s full potential, and possibly even to say “Life is too short, so do [some crazy, stupid thing].” But why motivate people negatively? Another thing is, that no one has ever experienced eternity. So, if people were comparing it to that, why compare it to something no one has ever known?

“Just because someone has not experienced it, does not negate the fact that it is [an eternity].”
Just having the mindset that life is too short is what makes life short. I don’t believe in the slightest that people can enjoy their life and live it to their full potential when they firmly believe that life is short.

“When people think that there is only a short time to do stuff, it prompts them to succeed.”
I believe that mindset works for things like school, work, etc. Because without deadlines, people would probably never get things done. Death is the deadline for life, but I think that there’s a big difference between the entirety of life, and work/school.

**Now let me quickly give you all an example to contradict the “-does not negate the fact that it is-” statement. I know I’m going to be an author (this is comparing ‘knowing there’s an eternity’). Whether it takes two years or twenty, and no matter how successful I am. But, if I believe life is short, then I’d rush (‘prompt people to excel’), only focusing on writing and nothing else. Not only will I then miss out on 98% of life, but I will also not write as well as I could have because I’d be rushing and having the thought in the back of my mind that I don’t have enough time. It does not negate the fact that I will be an author. But it’s my mindset that determines how well I will be an author, and how much I can enjoy life while I work on becoming one. I know that life is long, therefore I don’t have to worry about not being able to accomplish everything. I can take enough time to work on my goals and take the time to enjoy the things that I have accomplished as I accomplish them. It is much more peaceful when you realize that you have time to accomplish what you want, and in doing so, you get to enjoy the present and life much, much more.

“What happens if you die today? I guess your theory goes out the window, huh?”
No, it doesn’t. Yes, I could die in the near future. However, I’m not going to live my life with the fear and mindset that I could die soon. One person dying early does not generalize the average lifespan for humans in this day and age. It’s like generalizing that all novels must be awful due to one badly written book. If I’d die in the near future, it does not change the fact that life is long, because I’m only one person amongst billions, and most people, if living a healthy life, will live till they’re elderly.

“Living a healthy or unhealthy life does not always guarantee a long or short life.”
No, it doesn’t, but it’s common sense and of course scientifically proven that someone who is in shape who eats and drinks right and doesn’t do anything to harm his or her body will generally have the upper hand at a longer life than someone who is obese, sits around all day, eats junk food, drinks pop, and smokes/does drugs/drinks.

““Life is too short” is ‘real thinking’.”
So life is short and because of that we have to make the most of our time here? We must waste it by being fearful of death, worrying about no time, and compare it to an eternity, of which no one has every experienced? I believe that “real thinking” is realizing that you have time to live your life and you don’t need to waste your time worrying about when you’re going to die. If I was on my deathbed in the near future, I would rather be happy and satisfied of a life lived in peace, full of goals well-done, and not having worried and rushed because I believed I’d have no time. Rather than be on my deathbed and realize that I spent so much time focusing on the possibility of an early death, that I never got to enjoy life and all of it’s great things to their full potential.

We all need to realize that life is not short. It’s long, full of fantastic possibilities and great things. If you want the best chance at a long life, be healthy in body as well as in mind, and don’t squander your life away by sitting at home doing nothing. Get out there and enjoy the world, meet new people, experience new things, and lastly…

Do not forget that you have time.

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    1. Thanks! In answer to your question, I’m a Christian and so were some of the people I had talked to regarding this subject. As it says in the article, this life IS extremely short compared to an eternity. But it’s not about that. Yes, this life should be lived for God and Christians should remember that what they do in this life affects how they live after they die/ when Jesus comes back. But we are in the here and now, and Christians can live for God while enjoying this life, and knowing they have time. God doesn’t want us to dislike/hate this life because we keep comparing it to how amazing an eternity by his side is as opposed to this life on Earth. He wants us to live our life to it’s full potential. And that includes not being hindered the idea that life is short.

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