Dragons’ Myth #2 News

I think the last update I did for the Dragons’ Myth sequel was in January! I missed posting an update for the 3/4 mark when that was passed; as far as I remember, I kept reminding myself but then kept forgetting! Anyway, so at this point in time, I’m basically done writing the book, which is exciting, since it has been about 5 years in the making (since I decided to redo the first before continuing the second). I’m very happy with the progress of the book – I made it a goal to be done writing it by summer so I could be fully done by fall/early winter, and I accomplished that goal. The reason I’m so happy with it is because the first one took about four years, and I can’t write one book every few years if I want being an author to actually be my career.

The sequel has *technically* taken about five, but that’s including deciding to go back and redo the original. I had around 50 pages at that point. I started working on the sequel again after I published the second version of the original, which was around November 2016. So I will have the sequel done in about a year’s worth of work. Even one book per year is not that many, however, so I will eventually be putting out at least a few per year!

Anyway, so I still have about 80 or so pages to write, but those will be completed as I edit and fill in all the areas I skipped (I skip sections/scenes as part of my go-to methods for overcoming writer’s block), as well as doing what I call “filler details”: the details added to make everything connected and flow. The only thing left on my to-do list for completing the second book is designing the cover.

I probably won’t be posting any more updates about the book after this until it’s fully done, simply because editing and doing the cover isn’t very noteworthy. As mentioned above, I’m still aiming for later this year as the release date! If you’re looking forward to the sequel, check back in a few months to see if there’s any updates!

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