Creating a Better World Through How We Perceive Others

A better world is something that the majority of people dream of. While we are slowly working on righting the wrongs we have done, there is still one glaring issue many people do that’s simple to fix:

“Humans are a plague.”
“We’re the worst thing to happen to this planet.”
“The world would be better off if humans went extinct.”

Any of those sound familiar? You’ve heard/seen people say them at least once (probably a lot more!), or maybe you yourself have said those things. The Earth and its inhabitants are currently suffering from a myriad of different issues, from environmental to animal abuse to attacks within our own species. When negative stories pop on the web, you’re bound to find people who verbally attack the human species as a whole and say, to some effect, that we are a plague.

The problem with statements like those, is that they are damaging not only to everyone else, but the one who said it as well. While that should be obvious, it doesn’t really appear to be. Let me give you a metaphor:

With emotional bullying, in many cases the victim starts to believe the degrading comments the bully throws out, which leads the victim to start harming themselves, staying in the relationship because they believe they deserve it (if the bully is the victim’s significant other), or even suicide. For the bully, being one is usually an outward expression of anger and resentment of his/her own life. This of course, is not healthy for any involved.

It works the same for how we view the world. If we are constantly bombarded by people saying our species is a plague and should go extinct, what hope does that give us? Will that make us want to make an effort to help the planet and/or its inhabitants? Unlikely. Hearing things like that over and over could, in the long run, make people feel hopeless and unwilling to make a change.

We as a species are indeed capable of doing negative things; there’s no doubt about that, and no denying it, either. However, one definite way to keep those things happening, is to have a negative mindset. That’s not to say those things will cease to happen, but more positivity will help prompt people to make a difference instead of just sitting back and thinking, “The world is crap anyway, so who cares.”

Saying humans are a plague is not the only negative comment there seems to be a lot of. For example, many people claim criminals should be subject to the same thing they did— rape, abuse, etc.— or should even be killed for their actions. That type of mindset makes the commenter no better than the criminal, and it negatively affects others because it gets them riled up and wanting violent justice— something that only leads to a darker future.

Humans are the only ones capable of saving the planet, so saying we are a plague or verbalizing negative comments in general only pushes us farther away from creating the world we all want to live in.

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