Changes to the Website

I will be changing the layout of the website as well as getting rid of the Ask CJ! concept and a few other things. For those of you who read this after it’s gone, Ask CJ! was an ask-me-something concept I wanted to try to be more interactive with the people who enjoy my work, since the majority of people who become well known stop interacting with their fans and I think it’s rude because they are the reason those famous people exist. Take away the fans and famous people won’t be making any more money. Anyway, the Ask CJ! thing isn’t really needed right now because I’m not well known yet and so people don’t want to know about a random person’s life. I might add it back later on, but if I do it will only be much later when I’m a big-name author so people know I still care enough about those who enjoy my work that I will still interact with them.

Anyway, I will also be getting rid of a small handful of other things to get the site ready for when the new version of my novel is published. Eventually I will be deleting this post as well!

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