Services and Entertainment

I was reading through the My Journey page last night and saw that I had a few ideas for the site around the time when I first got it up and running, which I had completely forgotten about until I read it again. The first was giving people the option to submit their poems and short stories, and I posted them under categories named as such. I stopped doing that when I republished my debut, although I’m not entirely sure why. Either way, I think I would like to start doing that again, as it would be nice to not only have some stuff to read here besides my blogs and updates, but to also give people a place to (unofficially) publish their own stuff.

The second idea was doing fun polls. I personally love polls and I’m sure there are lots of other people who do as well. I won’t be doing that one right now, but I will in the future. The third was offering editing and proofreading services. I have no idea why I never got that one going, but either way, there will be a new page set up for that. I still have to figure out rates for it, but if anyone is looking for an extra pair of eyes to look over their work, feel free to email me anyway and we can figure something out.

*Update – The Services page is up and the rates are listed! If you’re interested in getting help with your writing, check it out and send me an email if you decide to use my services.

Three Upcoming Books

Hey everyone! As the title says, I have three upcoming books! The first is the third book in the Dragons’ Myth series, titled ‘Alaryia’, and it has a rough release date of summer this year (2019). Although I would really like to put out an unrelated book due to having been working on the DM series for… going on seven years or so now I think… there is a certain timeline of events I need to follow. I can’t say much more than that about the timeline as I don’t wan’t to give anything away, but it’ll become clear in the future!

Another book, called Emergent, will be coming in 2020, again with a rough release date of around summer. This book is not part of the Dragons’ Myth series.

The last of the three, which I have yet to find a name for, will hopefully come out before Emergent (but after Alaryia), but we shall see; I think it depends on how easily the cover art comes together, as that is usually the toughest part. This book is also not part of the Dragons’ Myth series.

If you’re looking forward to these new books, keep an eye out on the News/Blog page, where I will be posting updates on their progress over the coming months and year!

As a side note, I’m still planning on putting out eBook versions of the two DM books currently published (and future books, of course). I would like to have those two done and up for sale preferably this year, but it depends on how busy I am with the three new books and life in general. I will make posts when they’re available as eBooks.

That’s all the updates at this time!

Ciao for now!