Dragons’ Myth: Renascence – Available Now!

After about six years, I am extremely excited to announce that the sequel to Dragons’ Myth is finally now officially done, published, and for sale! You can find its page under the “Novels” tab, where you can read the book’s details and synopsis, see its cover, and find the link to its Amazon page. As of writing this post, the Amazon page won’t be fully done being built, but the book should still be able to be bought (if not, please let me know!). As mentioned previously, the link leads to the .com site. If you’re Canadian and would like to buy from its Canadian page, simply change the .com in the URL to .ca!

Because the title has already been questioned many times, I figure I will post my explanation here. So:

No, it’s not supposed to be Renaissance. Yes, it’s spelled right. Renascence, while very similar to the word “renaissance”, actually has a slightly different meaning, and that’s why I chose it. Renaissance, according to its definition, is about cultural rebirth, whereas renascence is just about rebirth in general. Its exact definition fits the plot so perfectly, so again, that’s why I chose it! The pronunciations of the two words are also slightly different. Renaissance is “ren-ah-saunse”, while renascence is either “ren-EH-sense” or “ren-AH-sense” (uppercase is the syllable to emphasize for proper pronunciation).

Anyway, back to the book! I’m so excited for you all to read it! Although many (most?) people think sequels aren’t as good as the first, I honestly personally think Renascence is better than the first, and I really hope it lives up to the expectations I have for it. It kind of boggles my mind that it’s been basically six or so years since I first published Dragons’ Myth, and the sequel has only come out now. Granted, it came out only a year and a half since the second edition of Dragons’ Myth, but the point still stands that I’d been working on only one book for over half a decade! So finally being able to say “I’ve published two books” is a milestone to me.

Currently, the price for Renascence is set at $10 USD ($13-something CAD), however, that price is only for a limited time. The price will go up to its normal price of $12 USD a week or two from today.

One thing I want to mention, is that I went through Renascence many times and tried very hard to make sure no errors made it to publication. That being said, it is still possible some slipped through (after all, even traditionally published novels have errors, and those authors have a whole team!), so if you buy the book and spot any, please let me know so I can fix it!

Lastly, please leave a (verified) review on its Amazon page if you buy a copy! It would mean a lot to me.

Thank you for your support, and I hope you love Renascence!

The Sequel is Almost Done!

In a previous post I mentioned, I said I wouldn’t make any more updates about the sequel unless it was to say it’s for sale, but it’s been a few months since my latest update so I figured I’d let you all know that I’m still working on it (in case anyone was wondering!).

Lately, my main issue has been formatting the interior. I’ve been staying up until around 3am a lot lately trying to get issues figured out, and it has been quite frustrating. That being said, everything is basically good to go now. I went through the proof and made all the changes I wanted/needed to, and now I’m just waiting for the updated files to be approved through the review process.

I’ll be ordering a new proof just due to wanting to make sure everything is perfect before launch, which will take around a week or two from today. I don’t really want to, because at this point I just want it published already, but I think it would be silly not to. I won’t be reading through this one, though; I’m mainly interested in seeing the cover… But now that I’m writing this, I’m actually considering just going with seeing it through the digital proof instead to save that time (and money), in which case I could get it published within a few days from today.

Either way, I will of course post an update when it’s (finally!) published and ready to buy!