A Review For Zenni Optical

My experience with Zenni Optical was a roller coaster, to be honest, but it turned out great.

To start, I’m fine with reviews until there’s a bunch that just tear places or people down. Negative reviews can be helpful, sure, but one bad experience shouldn’t say something about the entire thing. I suppose the same thing could be said about positive reviews, but many people with a vendetta can make places go out of business, while positivity can’t. I personally like to give places, things, or people the benefit of the doubt – because after all, a lot of it is subjective; what one person likes, another person wouldn’t. Continue reading A Review For Zenni Optical

When People Get My Name Wrong

Yesterday I decided to Google my book just for the heck of it, and I noticed it was shown on a site I had never heard of, called Pretty Famous. I had to roll my eyes in a non-mad sort of way when I noticed they spelled my first name with periods, as in “C. J. Embers” instead of how my name actually is, which is “CJ Embers”. I’m kind of curious why they added the periods, as my site, Amazon, etc., all show it as “CJ”. I’m also curious why they put spaces between the letters of my first name.

Either way, for future references to people who want to reference my name, there’s no periods, and no spaces between the “C” and “J”! 🙂