8 Myths About People Who Suffer From Anxiety

Many people who deal with anxiety, whether it be mild or severe, have had to deal with close-minded and bigoted people. Even people who do not have anxiety has dealt with these types before. Everyone who is mentally different, physically, gay, and even people who have unique choices in fashion or music. Society tends to look down upon anyone who is different. I will be addressing the issue of misunderstanding regarding anxiety, so here are the top eight myths that people without anxiety believe/think about anxiety and the people who suffer from it: Continue reading 8 Myths About People Who Suffer From Anxiety

What Writing Means to Me

I’ve been writing stories and poems since elementary. I think it all started when I was becoming an outcast in school. Since I had no one to talk to, writing was how I expressed my deepest feelings and emotions. It gave me a sense of importance and serenity, and that was something I couldn’t get anywhere else. Some people looked at me and all they saw was a nerdy, secluded girl. They never bothered to look past that, to get to know the real me. As I got older, things in my life got worse, and that’s when I started to write my first novel. Continue reading What Writing Means to Me